Why a website & why should you care?

What You Can Expect

& why you should listen

I will be trying to present, in an entertaining & sometimes humorous way; valuable information, learned lessons, & earned wisdom - what younger me wished he could find

1) learn more effectively, improve memory & mental performance drawing from my tutoring business & long successful college career

2) live successfully with any number of challenging mental conditions from addiction to autism spectrum drawing on both my own experience, & that from in-depth indirect (interpersonal relationship) experience, & my up close education from different medical & mental health professionals

3) become self-aware & enlightened in this very rapidly changing world & learn to deal with loss & grieve without self-destructive consequences - drawing on my integration of an inordinate amount of loss & other challenges to sanity

4) be able to live peacefully, one day at a time, with supreme gratitude & mastery of acceptance & humility, while maintaining confidence in worldly activities; especially if you have issues around belief in God & specifically science related qualms; learn to integrate science & spirituality completely as I have done through a couple of the higher level disciplines, to truly see them as the unified system they are.

My Reason for this Site

& my writing & content in general

This site is being created so I can leverage all of the various formats I like to express my creativity & expand my options beyond just videos, (YouTube & TikTok) I, historically, don't use twitter, Instagram, or even Facebook very often, mostly because I resisted the oline-ification of our entire lives when the internet & social media were in their infancy, both at different times, obviously, as especially social media seemed too far reaching in it's data collection possibilities.

It was 10-15 years ago that I basically only started a Facebook page for family, & didn't use it much, & still don't, & similarly, for each of the other platforms. Apparently, I am going to have to adapt & adopt & start interacting on these platforms some, but I am still resisting it, mostly out of a disdain for conforming, to a fault, embarrassingly so, & inferiority because I'm old on these platforms now; I really am starting 10-15 years late. But my enjoyment making videos, & ESPECIALLY WRITING, will probably force me to start getting it together on these platforms.

I really do know that if enough fellow curious, thinking people with a weird sense of humor, love of music & film, family, writing, current events, science, & mind expansion, who's recovering/ed from a multitude of mental health issues & that's never fit in anywhere actually see our content, we will indeed enjoy a lively community with really only one purpose; multiply the good, & minimize the bad; life can be tough. Fortunate that technology allows the personal content model, & would love to do it full time.

I started this site originally last year, but let it fail, as my understanding of how the site could help was drastically inferior to now. Now I understand that this is the most powerful of the platforms because it gathers all the other ones together &, just as important, it allows me a place to write in any form I can think of, which is perfect for so many types of my writing; poetry, lyrics, stories, & probably the most under-represented, quick thoughts that are paradoxical in nature every day, as well as photography, articles about spirituality & self-actualization & family & a variety of topics.

If you subscribe, a native feature of Ghost hosting this site, I believe, you will be included in newsletters, once those begin, as well as full access to the site, & I'm not 100% sure how that is different. If I sound stupid to be this real, then I'm probably not for you. If you really like real, genuine, that is what I will be bringing, & I may not have the fastball I used to, but I make up for it with perseverance, a great curve, & an ability to paint corners at will.

I wrote quite a bit in the preview & highlights post, & am working on getting writing & more uploaded & the site organized

About Me

This is our brand new accompanying site by H4l (Hal) (& Family) that we just started in order to give us an additional medium (blog posts) to hopefully grow a community of like-minded people to traverse this crazy world together. This is The Point or The Answer - together help each other find as much joy as possible & get through the hard stuff with as little pain as possible while we are briefly here, in this world, together, whether we like it or not - you can 1) embrace it, hopefully with us, or you can 2) fight it, until one day you realize you've been wasting time fighting it.

Writing is one of my passions: stories, lyrics, poetry; anything involving written (& spoken) language & grammar. I love organizing words to look &/or sound new & videos are somewhat limiting of this aspect of communication.

I've often been called a walking paradox machine - here's an example why - writing words you only have a certain amount of options, but the possibilities are endless.

I'm planning to start publishing previously written work, as well as regular blog posts.

Currently, we only have 220 subscribers on our YouTube channel - @WireWiiHere & our goal is to help you by providing value in quite a few different ways.

I have experience in many a numerous area, & indeed, expertise in many of them. I will be elaborating on all of this in the weeks to come, but a brief summary:

I have a degree in economics from the Bryan school of business at UNCG, a slightly renowned business school, when I returned to college in 2010 to complete what I started at NC State, but left early.

I completed 196 credit hours at NC State University during a triple major in physics, math, economics, with a chemistry minor from 1998-2004 - FYI - usually 120 hours are required for a single major bachelor’s degree, if you didn't know, or don't remember. I declared the triple major after an exceptionally terrible acid trip unlocked this science & especially math genius thing in my brain, I discovered calculus had become easy for me. I didn't have to work hard in order to make straight A's for over 3 years, deans list honors, & a GPA of 3.6. This was quite a rally after being suspended for my abysmal 1.1 GPA freshman year 1998-1999, when my major was herb & ale.

During the turn of the new millennium, literally new year's eve 1999, after numerous successful experiments, I experienced this life altering 'bad trip' using LSD. This changed me in many ways, most bad, but one of them was this new abstract, analytical, multi-view perspective; I can’t come up with a much better description. It literally expanded my mind.

My sister, who I was very close to, was catastrophically injured when she was 19; I was 12, & was permanently a quadriplegic, which was obviously severely life-altering & devastating for her, as well as our entire family. It was personally very difficult for me to see her struggle with it for the rest of her life & then lose her before she turned 45; it was as unfair as anything I’ve seen.

I was an all star baseball player through high school, a hustler & hard worker, who made my teammates better. I played 3 years of varsity, a true 5 tool utility player, & my senior coach Mike Zandler even said of me "if I had 9 of you I'd never lose a game" & I was set to walk on & make the team at NC State, but almost identical to Bert Kreischer's story I’ve heard him tell, while he was attending FSU, I was similarly at NCSU & I found marijuana, Pink Floyd, & the ability to time travel, & regrettably never went back to baseball.

When I was 14, my family's home burned to the ground during what was obviously a very difficult time, as I started high school. I graduated with over a 4.0 GPA (I mention this only to highlight that I was a 'gifted' student even before the acid thing except for math which did not come easy) with almost no effort & because of baseball was able to skip school to the tune of over 40 excused absences my senior year. Dedicated to baseball, I experimented heavily with alcohol on weekends, & it set the stage for many of my future issues with alcohol & drugs. Not proud of this.

I fell in love with a beautiful, devout Christian, good girl, who was a cheerleader & a year older than me, during my sophomore of high school year. We had a year & a half of blissful, exploratory, high school, amazing, first love & she then destroyed me by being with one of my teammates & two other acquaintances after our homecoming dance during my senior year. This obviously devastated me & I drank heavily for months trying to not feel the extreme pain.

In college, I lived over a Pizza Hut in downtown Raleigh, which was right beside what became my second home, a pool hall named Pantana's (poolhall not bob's). I played APA team league pool there for several years, narrowly missing a spot to the national tournament in Las Vegas. But me & a friend won an $1100 national qualifier & got to play in the national tournament in scotch doubles at the Riviera Casino, but stayed somewhere cheaper - Las Vegas is a fun place when your young & on vacation. It was amazing playing in that giant pool room; really just like in the movies.

I became dependent on oxycontin when I had bilateral (both left & right) knee surgery from my extensive time as a catcher playing baseball in my developing youth.

I attended community college & worked as a chef & delivery driver during the year I was suspended from NCSU.

I went to rehab. I became active in AA & achieved sobriety of up to a three months several times & later year+ a few times.

Today, I am happily married with an amazing 12 year old son who is almost identical to me in every way. We are best friends & even when I was not clean, I spent all my time with him. Even my mother-in-law said that I was a great father even when I was using. I didn’t run around in the streets; I got my stuff & went home. We do most everything together & most of my drive comes from wanting to give he & my wife a better life.

As you can see, & I'm only about half done, I have been through & done a vast array of human experiences, some good, some not so good & I believe I can relate to almost anyone to ever share the gift/curse of waking up in a human body on this world. I have been told I should be a counselor, professor, lawyer & I have actually been a tutor (of college level & high school math, physics, & chemistry for several years) peer counselor, have been in therapy, diagnosed with ADD with anxiety disorder, one of the 9 types of ADD back then, I think. Now there's only ADHD, which is commonly misunderstood, & I mention this to illustrate the severity of another 'diagnosis' of being an empath, having extreme empathy. Emotional quotient or EQ is a measure of empathy similar to IQ for intelligence; it's a rough estimate of one's ability to feel what others are feeling & like having a high IQ, is as much of a curse as a gift.

The above is simply my introduction to you & a preview of what I will be writing about. There will be more as soon as I can get it up.

Working on the site & things will be up and running here shortly, but you can subscribe in the meantime if you'd like to stay up to date and receive emails when new content is published!.

Thank you for visiting & I hope you add me as one of your trusted sources for real - but I think if you take the time to read & watch what we do, you'll see, if we're of the same ilk, that I will be entertaining & knowledgeable on many a topic.

Thanks again, & I'll see you next time, this side or the other

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